Trust in Remanufacturing – CNH Reman’s Commitment

Jamie Johansen



Located in Springfield, MO, CNH Reman is a joint venture between CNH Industrial and SRC Holdings Corporation which started in 2009 and has grown into a company with just nine employees to now employing nearly 250. The partnership began because CNH Industrial knew they needed to become more committed to remanufacturing. Allen Shevey, product manager hydraulics, took time to share how CNH Reman has grown and the factors which have contributed to their success in remanufactured parts.

“First and foremost, our products we offer are quality. We make sure our dealers are aware of the commitment made to ensure quality. We want to offer a value that is worth their investment and that is shown through our two-year warranty, which is better than new. We are committed to making sure our product we send to our dealers is the best.”



CNH Reman contributes success to a solid warranty, consistent quality, comparable price, dealer support, depot availability and market-driven demand. And don’t forget that every product that heads back to a dealership is tested and retested to ensure it meets all OEM standards.

As an open book management company, every single employee of CNH Reman is involved with meeting that bottom-line each month. “The whole purpose of this is to show people what the numbers are, hold people accountable and show where each person can contribute and make a difference. It keeps everyone extremely engaged with the process and I think that is one reason we have been so successful.”

Listen to my complete interview with Allen to learn more about the business structure of CNH Reman and what the future holds for the remanufacturing industry. Interview with Allen Shevey, CNH Reman

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