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CNH Reman – Beyond a Rebuild

Jamie Johansen

cnh-reman-62-edtedIn agriculture, the CNH Industrial brands are household names, but few probably understand the impact CNH Reman has on dealers globally and the equipment in your fields. They opened their doors to ag media this week to share their passion for going ‘Beyond a Rebuild.’

CNH Reman services and provides parts exclusively for Case IH, Case Construction, New Holland Agriculture and New Holland Construction. Jamie Sullivan, marketing manager for CNH Reman, said, “When it comes to remanufacturing, our raw materials are cores that already exist. We don’t have to mine for it or go through the smelting process because it is already there. It requires less energy to remanufacture a part than to create it from scratch.”

There a number of benefits for both farm and construction equipment owners, but also the dealerships. Warranty coverage is provided to dealers because quality has been built into the process. Equipment owners also get a timely product at a significantly lower cost.

Dealer training is extremely important to CNH Reman along with keeping the communication lines open. Their goal is to help them tell that story to the customer, the end user. Learn more about those programs and the Reman Technical Center (RTC) in my complete interview with Jamie. Interview with Jamie Sullivan, CNH Reman

View and download photos from the event here: CNH Reman Photo Album

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