LFR Technology Added to Ethos XB

Lizzy Schultz

ams-16-fmc-hooten FMC has added their Capture LFRtechnology to their Ethos XB insecticides, and the result is a first-of-it’s kind in-furrow solution, offering broad spectrum defense for corn seedlings against soil pests and diseases throughout the critical growth stage when most yield potential is set.

Bob Hooten, Midwest Technical Support Manager for FMC, was on hand during the 2016 Ag Media Summit to discuss FMC’s LFR technology and what adding Ethos XB to the new platform of LFR products means for growers moving forward.

“A lot of growers are putting starter fertilizer right in furrow, and they need protection from seedling insects. Capture LFR stays suspended in fertilizer, it’s designed that way, and while it’s currently one of the top products out there that growers have been using, it’s really just the base that gives you the insect control,” said Hooten in an interview during the 2016 Ag Media Summit. “We’re expanding and adding to that platform now, and Ethos XB is one of the first products that we’re going to be bringing to that platform.”

Another part of FMC’s expansion of the Capture LFR platform is the inclusion of VGR Soil Amendment, which is designed to help plants better utilize moisture and phosphorus uptake by growing the larger root systems that are necessary for bigger yields.

“A better root system allows the plant to withstand stresses a lot easier because the plant is just healthier, and it allows the plant to grow to its full potential in yield,” said Hooten. “Capture LFR itself is bringing about 11 bushels more to the acre, and we’re only going to release products in the new LFR platform that will bring growers more money on the bottom end.”

Listen to Chuck’s full interview with Bob here:
Interview with Bob Hooten, FMC

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