#Soy #Biobased Backs Up Carpet and Grass

Cindy Zimmerman

George Neagle of SYNLawn with Doug Giles, Universal Textile Technologies

George Neagle of SYNLawn with Doug Niles, Universal Textile Technologies

Soybased backing can make any home more environmentally friendly, both inside and out.

Universal Textile Technologies (UTT) provides backing for the carpet and synthetic turf and they are featured in a new United Soybean Board video debuted at last week’s Biobased Stakeholders’ Dialogue. “We adopted biobased chemistry using soy formulation with the help of the (USB) new uses committee in 1998 so we were an early pioneer in this,” said UTT Global Marketing Director Doug Giles. “And it’s in 100% of the products we manufacture today.”

Giles talks about why they were an early adopter of soybiobased technology in this interview: Interview with Doug Giles, UTT

SYNLawn, which was also featured in the USB video, is one of the companies that uses UTT soy-based backing for its synthetic landscape products, providing many environmental benefits in a growing market. “There’s been tremendous growth, particularly because of the water issues,” said SYNLawn’s George Neagle. “The product is green in its application and green in its manufacturing now.”

Learn more about SYNLawn in this interview Interview with George Neagle, SYNLawn

usb-bio-16-mcintosh1Another company that uses soy biobased polyol technology backing is carpet/flooring company Signature Accord. “It’s the right thing to do and doing the right thing shouldn’t be an option,” said company vice president John McIntosh. “For every pound of polyol we use, it takes between 12 and 16 bushels of soybeans…that’s a big deal to the American farmer.”

In this interview, McIntosh talks about how federal agencies and even Yellowstone National Park are using greener carpeting: Interview with John McIntosh, Signature Accord

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