Realizing the Hidden Value at Novus

Jamie Johansen

novus-16-anniversary-48-editedThe concept of value is one we discuss a lot throughout animal nutrition. We typically try to measure value, but there is qualitative value. Let’s think health and well-being, trust, scientific expertise or partnerships. Novus International gets all that and put together a panel of senior leadership to share their personal stories from the field where they have uncovered the hidden value and what that means to their customers. The panel was held during the Novus International 25th Anniversary Celebration.

Panelists included: Eduardo Galo, Managing Director, North America, Dr. Nasser Odetallah, Executive Manager, Global Tech Services, and Dr. Ajay Bhoyar, Senior Manager, Global Poultry Marketing. Listen to the complete panel discussion here: Hidden Value Panel

“We at Novus are in the business of delivering solutions to our customers. We help customers resolve problems they have in a sustainable way. That is the business we are in,” said Ed Galo.

Ed said ‘hidden value’ is a term they use when describing solutions they deliver to market that have value beyond traditional product offerings. Their goal is to go above and beyond what the product is originally intended to do. They carry this premise through their entire product line.

“We are bringing innovation to the industry. Technologies that help producers do better with what they have. Get more out of a protein source. Improve the availability of a mineral. All this is sustainability. We have a great track record for the first 25 years of the company and our investment is going in the same direction of helping solve problems our customers are facing,” Ed added.

Listen to my complete interview with Ed hear more about the hidden value of methionine:Interview with Ed Galo, Novus

View and download photos from the event here:Novus International 25th Anniversary Celebration Photo Album

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