Statistically Defendable Data from the Field at #BIVIswine

Jamie Johansen

bivi-16-ames-tour-26-editedResearch at Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. (BIVI) doesn’t stop in the lab. They are dedicated to taking research to the field to provide support for the BIVI swine sales and marketing team. The Field Research Services team answers customers’ product questions through field trials, diagnostic support and data management. Roy Edler, heads up that team as manager and he sat down with me to share more about BIVI’s ‘value behind the bottle’ approach.

“Questions never cease so there is always plenty to do. When a customer has a question that we can organize in a trial design so we can defend them statistically, we have a team that can help implement that. We are involved in that trial design. We are involved in collecting the data and we are involved in analyzing that data.”

As Roy mentioned, their goal is to find statistically defendable data from the field trials. The boots on the ground trials are also a key element in determining effectiveness of the drugs administered. Efficacy trails are the largest trials conducted and might include reporting average daily gain or feed conversations.

“Efficacy is a lot of what we are out investigating. How well do our products perform against non-vaccinated animals, against different protocols and even competitors products.”

Listen to my complete interview with Roy to hear more about their team approach to diagnostics and how they relay results back to their clients. Interview with Roy Edler, BIVI

2016 BIVI Media Tour Photo Album.


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