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Food and Ag Company Leaders Commit to Sustainability

Cindy Zimmerman

bipartisan-policyLeaders of food and agriculture companies joined the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) today to release a new call to action on improving sustainable production.

“Food for Thought: A Call to Action on the Future of Sustainable Agriculture” notes that food producers are making important strides on improving sustainable production, but should continue to step up their commitments.

Leaders of DuPont, Elanco, Hormel Foods, Kellogg Company, and Land O’ Lakes, joined former agriculture secretary Dan Glickman in releasing the report today, outlining what each member company is doing to engage with consumers, invest in a more sustainable food supply, and what needs to happen to improve sustainability all along the production chain.

“It is clear that we need to focus more resources on finding sustainable ways to increase food production and move individuals from hunger to adequate nutrition,” said Jim Collins, Executive Vice President at DuPont. “We are committed to initiatives that increase collaboration, such as BPC’s CEO Council on Sustainability, so we can work together to help ensure people around the world have enough food to eat for generations to come.”

“Food and agriculture are at the center of one of the greatest challenges of our time—providing enough wholesome, affordable food in a sustainable way to nourish our growing population,” said Jeff Simmons, president of Elanco Animal Health. “We must work more collaboratively across the entire supply chain to enable innovative, science-based solutions that protect the health of people, animals and our planet.”

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