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Strong Interest in Agricultural Careers Says AgCareers

Chuck Zimmerman

AgCareersA recent survey conducted for Land O’Lakes suggests that there is very low interest in college grads to pursue a career in agriculture. However, sees a very different trend. AgCareers has a 33% increase in the number of visits to their website in the last year.

I just spoke with Eric Spell, President. He says that enrollment at colleges of agriculture across the U.S. is at an all-time high. Another statistic that stuck out for me is that 35% of AgCareers applicants had a non-ag degree and 38% were currently or most recently employed outside of agriculture.

“While we ( are a niche career site serving the agriculture industry, our vision is to feed the world with talent,” said Eric Spell, President. The online community is a central place where the Ag industry can showcase the broad range of careers available.

“The ag industry will always need talent with traditional agriculture backgrounds and education, but the industry also has solid career paths for people that do not have ag backgrounds or ag degrees. Enrollments in colleges of agriculture across the US are at all-time highs, but we as an industry need to take great pride that the industry we serve also has a high demand for talent with interest in career paths such as supply chain, finance, human resources, engineering, IT, and safety,” added Spell.

Listen in to my conversation with Eric here to learn more: Interview with Eric Spell, AgCareers

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