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AgGateway Launches New Logo for eBusiness Resources

Kelly Marshall

AgGatewayA new logo is now available for member companies of AgGateway to use in promoting their eBusiness products and services.  The logo, a checkmark proclaiming “Enabled by AgGateway eAgriculture Resources,” will allow companies to brand their business as being actively involved in promoting AgGateway’s industry-wide eAgriculture resources.

“We hope that use of this logo will encourage greater connectivity between trading partners – and that ultimately should mean greater efficiency and productivity within those businesses,” said Rana Kundu, Manager of the Innovation Group at YASH Technologies and 2016 Chair of AgGateway’s Allied Providers Council.

Companies can apply to use the logo on appropriate materials (e.g., products, websites, communications and marketing materials). The logo can only be used in connection with products and services that utilize AgGateway eBusiness resources, such as AgGateway standards, guidelines, the Ag Glossary, and/or the Agriculture Industry Identification System (AGIIS). Use of the logo does not represent an endorsement by AgGateway of the company using the logo or any of the company’s products or services. Companies must obtain permission by AgGateway before using the logo, including applying for its use, signing a waiver, and receiving acceptance of the company’s application.

The logo was created by volunteers serving in the Allied Providers Council. To learn about using the logo see the “Enabled by” page at or contact Member Services at or (+1) 866-251-8618.