BASF Crop Protection Aids Growers in 2015

Cindy Zimmerman

nafb15-basf-22015 was a challenging year for growers with low commodity prices, weird weather and heavy disease pressure, but fungicide products from BASF Crop Protection definitely helped farmers get the most from their crops.

“The one thing farmers can do when markets look like they do is increase yield,” said Dr. Megan Andriankaja, BASF Fungicides Technical Marketing Manager, during an interview at NAFB Trade Talk last week. “Making a fungicide application is going to allow a grower to increase his yield, but it’s also about consistency of performance.”

That includes using BASF products such as Headline AMP for corn and Priaxor for soybeans. “They’re going to help that crop increase yield in disease years, like we saw this year, but it’s also going to help crops through drought years and other stressful conditions,” said Andriankaja.

Disease issues in 2015 included Grey Leaf Spot and Northern Corn Leaf Blight in corn and septoria in soybeans. “Protecting crops from those diseases this past year was absolutely critical for maintaining yield potential,” Andriankaja added.

Learn more in this interview – Interview with Dr. Megan Andriankaja, BASF

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Coverage of NAFB Convention is sponsored by BASF
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