#NAFB15 Discusses Crisis Communication

Kelly Marshall

22966972485_5c84759806_kAgWired’s intern, Kindra Hall recently attended the 2015 National Association of Farm Broadcasters and caught up with Agi Schafer of ASK-Comm Strategies. Schafer presented a crisis communication seminar at the conference and reminded us that consumers are more interested than ever about the food supply.

In a crisis situation farm broadcasters play a very important role. Food information is critical to both consumers and producers. Agi stressed the importance of building strong relationships with those who manage crises, those whose organizations experience them and others in the communications field.

“With the dwindling number of journalists out there win the media we really know that there is an opportunity for ag and food reporters, farm broadcasters to amplify their message and get it to a broader audience,” Schafer reports.

Listen to the full interview to hear more about the presentation. Interview with NAFB presenter Agi Schafer

View and download photos from the event here: NAFB Convention Photo Album

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