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Cindy Zimmerman

Champion corn grower Randy Dowdy and BASF rep Chris Maurer

Champion corn grower Randy Dowdy and BASF rep Chris Maurer

Georgia farmer Randy Dowdy gives a lot of credit to the “smarter people” he consults who have helped him become a high yielding corn grower. Among those people are his trusted BASF Ag Products advisers.

Chris Maurer has been a BASF sales rep in Georgia for the past 16 years and it has been his pleasure to be part of Randy’s success. “The relationship is one that I think both BASF and Randy benefit from,” says Maurer. “Randy asks a lot of questions about what he can do on his farm to push yields and what things are going to add value while we push yields. And what we try to do at BASF is look at the whole picture of what are the inputs he needs on the acre and what are some inputs that can add value.”

Sometimes that may mean recommending solutions outside of the BASF product portfolio. “The relationship for us is not necessarily about what can BASF get out of this, BASF learns a lot through this process as well,” he added.

Maurer recently took a new position with BASF as district manager for Ohio and Michigan but he plans on keeping in touch with Randy because they have become such good friends.

Listen to my interview with Chris here: Interview with Chris Maurer, BASF

basf-tn-sandyBASF Tech Services rep Sandy Newell has also had the pleasure of helping Randy continue to push the envelope for higher yields and better ROI on his farm.

Newell recalls when Randy first contacted him several years ago. “Randy called me one day and wanted to know about plant health and how some of our fungicides might help with some issues he was having around night time temperatures and corn fertilization or pollination and trying to maximize yields,” he said.

From that first conversation, Newell never would have guessed that he would be helping a farmer who managed last year to grow a record-breaking 503 bushel per acre corn crop. “I didn’t think anybody would ever attain the yields he achieved last year, but if anybody could do it I’m not surprised that he did,” said Newell.

Listen to Sandy’s comments on how Randy has been able to achieve success by paying attention to detail and being willing to experiment: Interview with Sandy Newell, BASF

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