Clinton Unveils Ag Plan, Gets Vilsack Support

Cindy Zimmerman

clinton-vilsackWith a John Deere tractor as a backdrop, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton went where no candidate has gone yet – into a detailed discussion on agricultural issues.

Introduced by former Iowa governor and current Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, Clinton discussed her plan to support rural America and agriculture during a visit to Ankeny, Iowa Wednesday. Clinton’s plan includes investments in rural areas and rural transportation, streamlining the process for community banks, investment in water and broadband infrastructure, and improving USDA grant programs. Other facets of the plan includes making production of agricultural products more profitable for farmers, promoting the use of clean energy and renewable energy sources, and expanding opportunities for those in rural communities by expanding Head Start, affordable education, and affordable healthcare.

Introducing Mrs. Clinton, Vilsack made his support for her as a candidate clear. “This is a woman who will listen to us, who will fight for us,” said Vilsack. “I and my wife will always remain loyal to our friend Hillary Clinton.”

Mrs. Clinton came out strongly in support of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and talked about changes she wants to make in agricultural support at the federal level. “As president, I’ll make sure that federal resources like disaster assistance and crop insurance go to farmers and ranches who need it the most, not those who have the biggest businesses or the best connections,” said Clinton. “We will change the formula.”

Listen to Vilsack’s introduction and Clinton’s speech here: Hillary Clinton on Ag in Iowa

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