Bow Creek Farm Farms New Holland SMART

Chuck Zimmerman

Rob and Amy HessRob and Amy Hess own Bow Creek Farm near Hershey, PA. They raise Red Angus cattle and are true blue New Holland customers.

During New Holland Media Days one of our stops was the farm where Rob and Amy gave us a tour and answered questions. We ended up at one of their hay fields to do a little baling and in a post coming up soon you’ll see me in the cab with a New Holland representative as we make some bales.

When it comes to baling hay Rob uses a New Holland BigBaler 340. He says he generally gets big tight bales weighing in at about 1,250 lbs. He’s got about 200 acres of hay and another 300 of corn and soybeans. He feeds what he grows to his animals. The cattle are being sold by contract to the Hotel Hershey and we got to eat some for lunch at the hotel before coming out to the farm. The Hess’s are a great example of creating a farm that might seem small to some but is filling a niche market with a high demand product that is making them a nice living.

I videotaped most of Rob and Amy’s presentation if you’d like to watch and learn more about how they farm New Holland SMART.

New Holland Media Days 2015 Photo Album

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