Sustainable Nutrition Solutions from Novus

Jamie Johansen

ippe-15-81-editedThe International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) is well underway and the Novus International team was out in full force to share key elements in their sustainable nutrition solutions for the animal protein industry.

I spoke with Ed Galo, Managing Director for Novus in North America, and he said that beyond presenting their sustainable nutrition solutions to customers they were also highlighting the 10 year anniversary with MINTREX.

“MINTREX is not like other mineral sources. On top of being an excellent product to optimize the nutrition and health and performance in livestock, it also offers the ability for producers to have a positive impact on the environment.”

Listen to my complete interview with Ed where he explains more about MINTREX and the importance of sustainability at Novus. Interview with Ed Galo, Novus International

ippe-15-79-editedIn the Novus booth, I also spoke with Scott Moore, Executive Manager for the Mono-gastric Division at Novus International. Scott discusses some challenges their customers face in the market and more about the focus on sustainability in highlights from their 6th Annual Sustainability Report.

“We recognize the need to protect the environment. We recognize the need to really provide products that are consumer and customer friendly. We have made the investments in technology that will allow our customers to do that.”

Learn more about Novus International’s presence at IPPE and their sustainability efforts in my complete interview with Scott. Interview with Scott Moore, Novus International

Photos from the event can be found here:
2015 International Production and Processing Expo Photos

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Coverage of the International Production and Processing Expo is sponsored by NOVUS
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