AgNerd Giveaways

Chuck Zimmerman

Touchfire Keyboard for iPadThe AgriBlogger wants to get more serious about his AgNerd giveaways.

I’ve done several just via social media mentions and the response has been great. Here’s the latest results. I offered a new Touchfire Screen-Top Keyboard for iPad (1,2,3). It’s just a random drawing of those who responded via Twitter or Facebook. The lucky person to win this gadget helper is Harlen Persinger. His FB comment was “I’ll take a shot, never hurts to get lucky now and then.” Well Harlen, I guess you got lucky. So it’s on it’s way your way.

I have several more very cool AgNerd Giveaways ready to go and will begin featuring them here in addition to social media channels. It just ties into my new AgNerd Cloud column too well not to share the gadget love.

I’m also still seeking a sponsor for the AgNerd Cloud/Giveaways. This would be very helpful to me in getting out into more direct ag gadgetry and Appery. Is Appery a word? Tune in next Monday when I announce the next AgNerd Giveaway.