Iowa Congressman Visits WPX

Cindy Zimmerman

wpx14-kingRep. Steve King (R-IA) paid a visit to World Pork Expo last week to talk with producers and learn more about the issues they are facing right now.

The congressman represents the 4th district of the state in the northwest corner, bordering Minnesota, South Dakota and Nebraska, and he is a strong advocate for livestock producers. During the farm bill debate, Rep. King fought hard but unsuccessfully for changes to country of origin labeling and GIPSA, and for an amendment that would block states from implementing statutes like California’s egg regulations that interrupt interstate commerce. “The short end of the stick went to livestock,” King said of the final farm bill. “We’re going to continue to push those provisions that we didn’t get into the farm bill.”

In reaction to Secretary Vilsack’s announcement at Expo regarding federal actions to address porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv), King noted that producers are concerned about the mandatory reporting requirement. “It isn’t so much the cost and burden of mandatory reporting because they are focused on getting rid of this virus too,” said King. “But they are concerned that there could be Freedom of Information Act suits filed that could be used by animal rights radical groups funded by tens of millions of dollars that want to turn us all into vegetarians. I understand their concern.” King says he would have preferred the reporting be done at the state level.

Listen to my interview with the congressman here: Interview with Rep. Steve King (R-IA)

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