AAA College Aggies

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AAA College AggiesThe Animal Agriculture Alliance presented scholarships to several of the members of the current College Aggies Online group. Last November the Alliance announced the winners of the fall competition.

Members of the University of Wisconsin, Madison Association of Women in Agriculture formed the top-scoring club with 229,820 total points, earning $5,000.00.

Louisiana State University Les Voyageurs came in second place with 182,103 points and will receive a $2,500 prize. LSU was closely followed by clubs at both Oklahoma State University and Montana State University.

With 28,016 points, the individual high score went to Jessy Eggerling, a student at South Dakota State University. Nikki Little of Auburn University came in second place with 27,077 points. In third place was Katherine Griswold, of University of Wisconsin. Each of the three top individuals will earn scholarships valued at $2,500, $1,000 and $500 respectively.

I interviewed the College Aggies attending last week’s Stakeholders Summit to receive their awards. They are pictured with representatives from program sponsors Lallemand Animal Nutrition, Tyson Foods, National Pork Board and the AgChat Foundation. I asked them how that got involved with the program and what they do as College Aggies Online.

AAA College Aggies

2014 AAA Stakeholders Summit Photo Album

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