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Pork Production Summit at IPPE

Cindy Zimmerman

ippe-14-novus-escobarThe VIV International Pork Production Summit was held as part of the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) last week in Atlanta and one of the presenters was Dr. Jeffrey Escobar of Novus International.

Dr. Escobar discussed in detail “Nutrient digestibility and gut health” as well as “Organic trace mineral bioavailability and functional effects in animals” – topics he addressed last summer at the World Pork Expo. He explained how applying nutrient digestibility concepts and the use of certain enzymes, such as Novus’ Cibenza DP100, can help hog producers reduce waste and lower feed costs. “So what Cibenza DP100 will do is help the enzymes already present in the pig and increase the digestibility of the proteins present in the feed with a net gain of more amino acids believed delivered to the animal,” he said.

Listen to a summary of Dr. Escobar’s points in this interview from World Pork: Interview with Novus' Dr. Jeffrey Escobar

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