Novus Endowed Poultry Professorship

Cindy Zimmerman

ippe-14-novus-profIn 2003, Novus International inaugurated a new Endowed Professorship in Poultry Science at the University of Arkansas and the first recipient was poultry nutrition professor Park Waldroup.

Last week at the International Production and Processing Expo, Novus honored professor Waldroup for his work and endowed a new professor with the honor – Dr. Casey Owens, who specializes in Poultry Processing and Products. Both are pictured here with Novus chief innovation officer Chris Knight and president Thad Simons. (left to right: Knight, Owens, Simons, Waldroup)

Park says the professorship allowed him to supplement his research program and support graduate students in poultry science. “Over the course of the years I was able to put three graduate students through for their PhD and they all have entered the poultry industry,” he said. “I’m a poultry nutritionist and have worked over the years on just about every aspect of poultry nutrition, focusing on amino acid requirements, energy requirements, you name it.” Interview with University of Arkansas Professor Park Waldroup

This is just one of many ways that Novus supports education and research in the field of animal health. Novus focuses on Solutions, Service and Sustainability for the industry, and Thad notes that people are an important part of sustainability. “The Novus vision is helping to feed the world wholesome and affordable food and improve the quality of life,” said Thad, noting that Novus expands that vision by encouraging young people to pursue scientific and agricultural careers in a variety of ways, from endowments to student support to internships, both in the United States and developing countries. Interview with Novus International CEO Thad Simons

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