Insights Into Bayer’s Respect the Rotation Program

Kristyn Stidham

fps-13-342-edited Wednesday at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Bayer CropScience held a panel of researchers to discuss the current hot topic of weed resistance.

Arlene Cotie, Product Development Manager with Bayer, took a moment to speak with media regarding her thoughts on weed resistance and how Bayer is pursuing an education process for growers. In 2010 Bayer released their Respect the Rotation program that emphasized diversity with chemicals and technology as a solution to the problem.

“We have brought farmers up from the south, we have brought weed scientists up from the south, and one of my favorite things that was said by farmers is ‘what can we do to get Respect the Rotation implemented in every field?'” said Cotie.

Cotie and her colleagues are firm believers in the common phrase, “seeing is believing.” She believes the job extends to the farmer to get the program implemented in all fields around the world. Once farmers see success among the industry, they will be more willing to begin the program in their own fields.

Listen to my interview with Arlene here: Interview with Arlene Cotie

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