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Deadliest Catch Sails into the Farm Progress Show

Leah Guffey

Image 4 If you’re like me you’ve watched almost every season of Deadliest Catch and are very familiar with the Hansen’s and their boat the Northwestern.  

While at the 2013 Farm Progress Show I had a chance to catch up with deckboss, Edgar Hansen, and learn a little bit about the boat, harvesting of the crab and why they choose to use Chevron Delo products.  Edgar says the boat is going through an engine overhaul right now to get ready for the 2013 King Crab season which launches in just a few months.

“We use it in our boats, stem to stern, my hydraulics, my coolants in my engines, all the lube oil, my grease, everything on that boat is a Chevron product.”

Here you can listen to my interview with Edgar. Edgar Hansen

2013 Farm Progress Show Photo Album

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