RFA Ethanol Podcast

Book Review – Cows Can’t Quack

Joanna Schroeder

“Cows can’t quack…but they can moo,” begins Cows Can’t Quack, the second delightful children’s book written by Dave Reisman. In my esteem, this book is another winner but who am I to judge at my age? No, I will not delve that information, oh faithful reader. However I will admit I found the illustrations (Jason A. Maas) absolutely charming.

Quinn H. Reading "Cows Can't Quack"

To really test out the merits of the book, I enlisted one of my closest friends, 4 year old Quinn H. It was a HIT! She jumped around the room making the sounds and motions of the animal of each page. Her favorite animals were reprised over and over again in the book until our fun was shut down for bed time. After she was tucked in, I quietly stole away with the book, but I won’t be a grinch. The next time I see her we will read it again and it will be left behind to become a favorite in her library.

For those of you with young children in your lives, this is definitely a book to buy and give as a gift (or keep tucked away in your home for when you have visitors). And if you haven’t already, consider also picking up Reisman’s first book, Cows Can’t Jump. I can’t wait to read his next book and I’m sure readers, you won’t be disappointed either.