Kip Cullers Tops 100 Bushel Soybeans Again

Cindy Zimmerman

It may not be another world record, but Kip Culler’s soybean yield of of 108.8 bushels per acre this year was enough to win him another place in Missouri’s 100 Bushel Club.

farm progress show 2011The southwest Missouri soybean rock star took first place in the irrigated category for this year’s Missouri Soybean Association yield contest, while Steve Riegel of Washington won the conventional category with a yield of 86.3 bushels per acre. Both used Pioneer® brand Y Series soybean varieties, as did Steve Turner of Hopkins who was the runner up in the conventional category with a yield of 83.3 bushels per acre.

Kip set the world soybean yield record in 2006 with 139 bushels per acre, then beat that the following year with a yield of 154.57 bushels per acre. When another grower achieved a yield of more than 100 bushels per acre in 2008, the 100 Bushel Club was formed and Kip was inducted. Last year he broke his record again with 160.6 bushels per acre. So, while Kip is likely pretty disappointed with his 2011 beans, it’s still a winning yield and pretty stunning considering the weather conditions this year. Congrats, champ!

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