Amazing Social Media Coverage of Royal Wedding

Cindy Zimmerman

The official social media coverage of the Royal Wedding is impressive and word is that the event set records for an online streaming audience.

dukemobileWhen I saw on Twitter that the Royal newlywed getaway car was an Aston Martin converted to run on 85 percent ethanol, I was first amazed that there was a biofuels angle to the wedding. When I went searching for official photos and releases, I was totally amazed by the wall-to-wall, immediate social media coverage provided on the official level. The official Royal Wedding site includes links to constantly updated videos on YouTube and photos on Flickr, in addition to frequent posts on Facebook and tweets on Twitter. I have to wonder how many people were involved in this effort – and how much it cost! It takes the kind of event coverage we do to a whole new level! Wondering if Pope John Paul II’s beatification on Sunday will be as impressive. They do have an official Vatican Facebook page for the beatification and the events reportedly will be live-streamed at many of the sites.

Getting back to the Dukemobile, as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge left Buckingham Palace for the royal residence Clarence House, they drove off in a “convertible Aston Martin Volante DB6 MKII in Seychelles blue is owned by his father HRH The Prince of Wales” that runs on 85 percent ethanol. That according to the official update on the Royal Wedding website, adding that in “June 2008, at the specific request of The Prince of Wales, who is keen that his cars should be run on sustainable fuel, the Aston Martin was converted to run on E85 bioethanol, made from English wine wastage.”

They even have a Royal Wedding YouTube video of the couple leaving in the car:

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