Green Floyd is Willin’

Chuck Zimmerman

For your entertainment pleasure Green Floyd will now perform their ethanol version of Willin’. This was recorded at the recent National Ethanol Conference and I hope you enjoy it. Apologies to Lowell George but I think he would have loved it!

Green Floyd lyrics include:

I’ve been kicked by the press
Shunned by Wall Street
Got my margins caved in,
But I’m still on my feet
And I’m still – Willin’

We make it from corn
That started a fight
If we make it from stover
Hope that’s all right
Cause we’re still – Willin’

Cause I’ve been from Benson to
Winnebago, Madera to Omaha
Drivin’ every grain and fuel
rig that’s ever been made
Drivin’ on the backroads
so I wouldn’t get weighed

An if you bring me . . .
Heat, Yeast (and) En-zymes
(and) Feed-stock of some kind
then I’ll be Willin’
to keep Brewin’

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