Iowa Based Kum & Go Supports Iowa Corn Farmers

Joanna Schroeder

Iowa based Kum & Go is a huge supporter of Iowa farmers. They sell ethanol and they sell products in their store made from corn. In Iowa, 31 of their stations sell E85 and in total 62 of their stations sell E85. In addition, every Kum & Go station offers consumers the choice to choose E10. The company is so passionate about offering consumers ethanol blends at the pump, that they have become a long-term partner with the Iowa Corn Growers Association and the Iowa Corn Promotion Board.

To help better educate consumers about the role Iowa corn farmers play in their everyday lives, the Iowa Corn Growers are in the midst of the Iowa Corn Fed Game Day promotion. As part of this initiative, this past Tuesday, the organizations jointly hosted three pump rallies around Iowa City, Iowa. I spoke with Matt Chase to learn more.

Not only is the promotion is designed to educate consumers about ethanol, but also to educate them about how many everyday products use corn – more than 4,000. But consumers don’t have to worry about having to make a choice between food, products or fuel. Iowa corn farmers, along with corn farmers around the country, are growing enough corn to meet all of our needs. In fact, this year is expected to be another record harvest using less land than in previous years.

You can learn more about food, fuel and products at where you can register to win $5,000 in free food and $2,500 in free fuel. You can also learn more about the uses of corn by visiting the Iowa Corn Growers Association and the Iowa Corn Promotion Board during Saturday’s Iowa State versus Iowa football game in Iowa City. They will have a booth with fun activities set up in the Krause Family Plaza from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm on Saturday, September 11, 2010.

Check out the photos from the pump rally here.

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