AGROTAIN Participates in CTIC Tour

Cindy Zimmerman

cticChuck gets back from 11 days on the road Saturday and has one day to unpack and repack before heading out to learn more about how agriculture protects water quality and improves soil health at the Conservation Technology Information Center, Conservation In Action Tour, August 2-3.

The tour will visit farm operations in east central Virginia that embody “Conservation in Action.” The final stop of the tour will also feature a Nutrient Use Efficiency Expo of tools, technology and equipment that make nutrient use more efficient, more profitable and more effective. Companies making this event possible include Syngenta, Pioneer, The Fertilizer Institute, John Deere, Mosaic, and AGROTAIN International.

agrotainI talked with AGROTAIN’s Tim Healey about their participation in the event and the importance of communicating with farmers about the efficient use of nutrients. Listen to or download that interview here:
Tim Healey Interview

Because the tour size was limited, CTIC and AGROTAIN are both sponsoring coverage of the event here on Agwired to bring the educational information offered there to farmers who are unable to attend. Start watching for CTIC Conservation in Action coverage here starting on Monday.

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