A Portrait of the American Farmer

Joanna Schroeder

AmericanFarmer“I feel like I’ve made 300 of the best friends I’ve ever had,” said Paul Mobley, author of the new photographic book, “American Farmer” when describing how photographing farmers around America has changed his life. Paul never set out to put together a collection of photos taken of farmers around the world – he happened upon the opportunity when he went up to his cabin to get away from his career as a portrait photographer.

As the story goes…he walks into a cafe one morning for breakfast and sees four farmers gathered around a table having breakfast. One of the men hadn’t shaved for a week and suddenly, he felt compelled to take their photo. Three plus years and 37 states later, the result is a stunning collection of photography and stories that tell the story of the American Farmer.

Paul_MobleyI had the opportunity to speak with Paul after the closing luncheon during the 2010 NAMA conference. I asked him how this book has changed his life. “I feel like its changed me on so many levels….I walk the earth with so much kindness grace and humility and I got it all from you guys,” he said.

However, what he has enjoyed the most are the people outside of agriculture who have come to embrace the industry since reading his book.

I asked Paul about any future projects and he said that he has been approached by several people who would like to turn “American Farmer” into a documentary and he is also exploring the opportunity for a traveling exhibition. You can order a signed copy of his book at www.paulmobleystudio.com and you can listen to Paul’s interview below.

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