Moroccan Shepherds

Chuck Zimmerman

Corn MissionBesides the rocks I think I saw more shepherds today than almost anything else as we drove around Morocco. The fields and hills are covered with them. There were children watching a flock, women, men, groups of people. You name it. Sheep are pretty much everywhere. When we drove into Casablanca this afternoon, a town of over 4 million, I even saw one tied up outside a bar off the sidewalk on the main thoroughfare we were driving on.

One of my tweeps asked me what kind of predator issues they have and I just don’t know. Never thought to ask about it today. I would guess that dogs and other wild animals are a threat though.

We spent a long day visiting a new feedlot operation, new port facility, grain storage facility and having the best seafood lunch I’ve ever eaten. The photo album is up to date and I have some video about to be loaded so there’s plenty more to come. BTW. It’s not easy taking photos through the window of a van at highway speed as I’m sure some of you know. But not all of my photos today were taken that way.

USGC Corn Mission In Morocco Photo Album

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