Pioneer Hi-Bred Announces 11GFT Forage Inoculant

Chuck Zimmerman

Pioneer Introduces 11GFT Inoculant PlatformThe news here at the Pioneer Hi-Bred Forage Media Day is a new product. The 11GFT inoculant is the second in a series of products in the Pioneer fiber technology platform. This one will offer dairy producers another avenue to enhance forage digestibility which will reduce feed costs. The product was developed exclusively for grass and cereal silage and is the first of its kind. The company says other fiber technology products are currently under development.

Cindy interviewed Kyle Whitaker (pictured), Pioneer Hi-Bred Marketing Manager, Forage Additives, about the new product. Kyle says they see three key benefits that includes good basic fermentation, aerobic stability and fiber digestibility. He says they see the product used in silage markets across the U.S. with key targests in the northeast and far west.

We also have a photo album started for the event which will be added to later today but we’ve got some photos in there for you now: Pioneer Forage Media Day Photo Album

You can listen to Cindy’s interview with Kyle below:

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