Internet Use News

Chuck Zimmerman

Here’s a couple of internet-related tidbits for you on a Wednesday morning.

According to comScore, YouTube surpassed 100 million visits in January with the average viewer watching 62.5 videos. This is from an eMarketer story.

YouTube owes much of its growth to the users who generate the majority of content on the site. eMarketer estimates that 9.1% of Internet users, or 18.1 million people, will create user-generated videos in 2009.

Also of interest is a new PEW study that says that between 2005 and 2008 the biggest growth in internet use was people 70 years old and older.

The biggest increase in internet use since 2005 can be seen in the 70-75 year-old age group. While just over one-fourth (26%) of 70-75 year olds were online in 2005, 45% of that age group is currently online. Much as we watch demographic and age groups move up in “degrees of access” on our “thermometers,” we can probably expect to see these bars become more level as time goes on. For now, though, young people dominate the online population.

I think these things imply that we’re just going to continue to see growth in internet use and by all age demographics. You may not think of YouTube as a social networking site but just think about how many comments are left on videos and how often people forward links around to friends and family or post on their own website. Of course farmers are doing the same.

Here’s one more from Forrester via Podcasting News. Sounds like a great lead-in to my social media breakout session at the NAMA Convention!

During a recession, marketers are often forced to reduce budgets, in fact, it’s often one of the first buckets to get trimmed. In our latest research: Social Media Playtime is Over, we found that 53% of marketers are determined to increase their social media budget during a recession, and 42% will keep it the same, a total of 95% of marketers bullish on social media marketing. Why? The reasons are obvious to some, it’s inexpensive and the opportunity to benefit from cost-effective word-of-mouth, are promising.