Flame Your Pests Away

Chuck Zimmerman

Flame EngineeringOne of the companies exhibiting products in the Georgia Propane Gas Association building here at Sunbelt Ag Expo is Flame Engineering. They’ve got a full line of Red Dragon agricultural products.

Red Dragon Agricultural Flamers kill unwanted weeds and grasses, break down old growth to make room for new, destroy insect habitat and provide safe & effective control without the use of pesticides. Prior to herbicides and insecticides, flaming was fast becoming a popular control method in many crops. With so many growers seeking alternatives to pesticides, flaming is making a very successful comeback.

I spoke with their Director of the Agriculture Division, Steve Koch, about what they’ve got to offer farmers. One product that’s impressive to watch is their Poultry House Sanitizer. He says they have a similar product coming out for use in dairies. Benefits include savings in fuel and in poultry they’re finding that the birds are larger and have a lower mortality rate.

Listen to my interview with Steve here: sunbelt-08-koch.mp3

Or you can download the interview with this link: Steve Koch Interview (mp3)

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