Digitel Wireless in the Sunbelt

Chuck Zimmerman

Sunbelt Ag ExpoIt seems like having a web cloud over your farm show is the “in thing” now. This time it’s Sunbelt Ag Expo. That’s good to know because that’s where I’m heading tomorrow.

Sunbelt AG Expo 2008 exhibitors and visitors will be able to access the Internet, wirelessly, from anywhere on the show grounds for a 3rd consecutive year. After last year’s very popular and successful deployment of wireless Internet, Expo sponsors and Digitel will provide this service once again.

The 2008 Sunbelt AG Expo will host new and innovative wireless AG technologies powered by a recently deployed 180 mile wireless broadband ‘backbone’ that connects 5 rural counties in southwest Georgia. The rural broadband network is owned and operated by the South Georgia Regional Information Technology Authority (SGRita) and was built with the help of Digitel and Digitel Wireless. (For more information, go to www.sgrita.org)

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