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NovaSource: New Frontier for Pesticides

Laura McNamara

NovaSourceFarmers can now access for the latest information on crop protection. NovaSource is Tessenderlo Kerley Inc.’s business unit for developing and marketing EPA registered pesticides for niche crop protection and specialty markets.

In 2005, TKI announced an initiative to expand its product line of EPA-regulated products beyond its Sectagon® business. In an effort to better focus this effort, TKI has recently created a separate business unit within TKI to manage all of its EPA-regulated products including the Sectagon® brands of metam sodium and metam potassium. NovaSource’s mission is to seek and develop off-patent pesticide opportunities through acquisition and generic entry. The company is exploring opportunities in all market sectors, striving to innovatively differentiate its products, and employing a marketing philosophy of limited distribution to foster long term mutual success with its distribution customers.

Jordan Burns, CEO of TKI, stated, “NovaSource is the culmination of our plan to diversify our presence in the plant nutrition area by seeking complementary areas of agriculture where we can put to use our vast experience and knowledge base. Our entry into the crop protection side began in 1999 with the purchase of the metam sodium molecule. It is a natural move for TKI, and one we have initiated based upon extensive planning and future expectations. NovaSource is our new frontier.”

The first new products are now being introduced. The fosetyl aluminum based fungicides LINEBACKER™ and FLANKER™ brands of 80% WDG formulations will be marketed in the agriculture and ornamental markets respectively. This summer the company will launch a turf formulation of fosetyl al. A second family of chemistry will be launched in the 4th quarter of 2007.

Dave Cassidy will lead this team with key support from members Donnie Wadsworth (national & southern accounts), Mike DeRiso (marketing & business development), Jerry Krebs (Metam and CA/AZ account management), Jim Owens (PNW account management), and Brian Thomassen (regulatory management). During 2007 the company plans to add additional personnel in account management (Midwest) and NovaSource dedicated technical/manufacturing and administrative/customer service areas. Other support functions such as QC, logistics, credit, etc. will continue to be provided by TKI staff in coordination with NovaSource personnel.

Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc. headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., produces and markets specialty chemical solutions, including fertilizers, soil fumigants and off-patent EPA-regulated chemicals and process chemicals and services to diverse markets in the United States, Mexico, Central and South America and selected countries throughout the world. TKI, a part of the Tessenderlo Group, Brussels, Belgium, has 8 manufacturing plants in North America, in addition to an extensive terminal network.

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