Arriving Late At The Blog Business Summit

Chuck Zimmerman

WordPressI got into San Fran this evening on time and made it to the Blog Business Summit reception where I met several interesting people. One of my main “targets” was the people here from WordPress and I was introduced to Matthew Mullenweg. He very patiently answered my questions and I’m looking forward to learning more tomorrow at breakfast (they’re sponsoring). Thank you to DL Byron for introducing me!

Then it was off to dinner with several folks who were kind enough to invite me. We had Karlie Stanton,, Bob Wyman, PubSub, Bob Brooks, and our host from Intelliseek, Jay Stockwell, along with Dan (he didn’t have a card, I’m sorry).

We had a great time. They were intrigued by the idea of an agriblogger. Or should I say the whole concept of agribusiness getting involved in blogging! Who’d have thought it? Hey Jay, that was some excellent foie gras!

It’s late so I’ll have more tomorrow. In the meantime have a nice evening.