DTN Going Mobile

Chuck Zimmerman

Data Transmission NetworkWhile people in some of the traditional media are still trying to hold on to the good old days DTN is working hard to transition to the future. I haven’t seen them publish a farmer media usage study and yet they’re moving forward. I used to work there so I know it’s not any easier for them to change than anyone else. They were the cutting edge of information delivery with the satellite-delivered weather, market and news data. But people need to be mobile. That was always one problem with the “old system.” You had to be there in front of the monitor to get it. Now you don’t!

DTN Launches Mobile Product
DTN Mobile™ provides real-time market information, weather and ag news via cell phone, SmartPhone or PDA

OMAHA, Neb. — DTN, a leading business-to-business provider of real-time information services, announces the launch of DTN Mobile™, a service that gives agriculture professionals access to real-time market information, weather, and news via mobile phones and PDAs.

DTN Mobile, customers now have even greater access to a complete package of market analysis and commentary, real-time quotes, and highly-localized weather and agriculture industry news—even when out in the field. A companion to DTN’s online and satellite services, DTN Mobile enables users to always stay in touch with the information they need while on the move.

“DTN Mobile extends the great value our customers receive from DTN”, according to Robert Gordon, chief executive officer, DTN. “They can now access the time-critical information that they rely on each day while out in the field or away from the office”.

In addtion to DTN Mobile the company has also annouced several other new products including:

DTN Dairy™, the industry’s only source of comprehensive dairy-specific market, weather and news information available directly to customers with a single subscription.

DTN Grains™, which delivers real-time market, weather, agriculture news and production information specifically tailored to individual U.S. grains producers.

DTN Livestock™, the industry’s only direct source of comprehensive livestock-specific market, weather and news information available to producers with a single subscription.

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