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CCMP LogoHere’s something new to me. Just got this information on a press conference on the new coalition. I really don’t have any more information than this so we’ll see what comes out of their press conference. If they have any websites for CCMP or the USA RAISED BEEF program I haven’t found any yet. The closest I can find it this.

D E T A I L S : Stakeholder organizations in CCMP have developed a national initiative to promote USA RAISED BEEF. This press
conference will mark the national unveiling of the USA RAISED BEEF logo and publicity campaign. It will underscore the fact that the USDA grade stamp of approval does not guarantee consumers are purchasing USA RAISED BEEF. Retailers participating in the USA RAISED BEEF initiative will be present to discuss how the program is being used in their retail
outlets to educate consumers and enhance demand for USA RAISED BEEF.

USA RAISED BEEFA B O U T C C M P : The Cattlemen’s Competitive Market Project (CCMP) is a voluntary producer contribution program
developed by producers to support fair, open and competitive markets; realistic international trade policies; mandatory country of origin labeling and promotion of USA RAISED BEEF.

B A C K G R O U N D : The Cattlemen’s Competitive Market Project (CCMP) will launch nationally its USA RAISED BEEF “Ask
For It” campaign on June 28, 2005 at 12:30 p.m. at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. The event will showcase the new
promotional initiative for domestically grown beef and how the logo is already being displayed in retail stores, livestock auction markets and ranches throughout the Midwest and West.

For More Information:
Chase Carter, OCM Executive Director, 402.817.4443

Carrie Longwood, SDSGA Executive Director, 605.342.0429

John Lockie, MCA Executive Director, 406.628.2230

Chris Abbott, ICON President, 308.282.2826

Danni Beer, R-CALF USA COOL, Committee Chair, 605.524.3383

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