An Ethanol Plant And An Ethanol Standard

Chuck Zimmerman

Missouri Governor Matt BluntIt was a big day for the ethanol industry in Missouri. We had the governor, some congressmen, various ethanol industry leaders and a couple thousand people. This was Malta Bend, MO!

The event was the grand opening of the Mid Missouri Energy ethanol plant but it was almost overshadowed by the Governor’s announcement that he will pursue his campaign promise of getting a legislated mandatory 10% ethanol standard. You could just see the beaming, smiling faces. I was there to record interviews, take pictures and help the Missouri Corn Growers Association produce a Talking News Release, which was sent out with audio and image links to reporters around the state this afternoon. Thank you Patty Kinder for letting me use your office and the high speed internet connection!

Missouri Corn Growers Applaud the Governor’s Continued Commitment
at Grand Opening of the State’s Third Ethanol Plant

(MALTA BEND, Mo.)— Ethanol will continue to help fuel the economy of Missouri, thanks to the opening of the state’s third ethanol production facility and Governor Matt Blunt’s promise to enact a statewide ethanol standard next year.

In his remarks to a packed house at the grand opening of Mid-Missouri Energy (MME) in Malta Bend today, Governor Blunt reiterated that one of his highest priorities next legislative session will be to pass a 10 percent ethanol standard in Missouri.

“So every gas pump, if you fill up your truck or your car, you’re going to put in a gas that contains 10 percent ethanol. It’s good for consumers, it’s good for the environment, it’s good for economic development and very significantly important for Missouri farm families.” (full release) Word Document

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