Personal Interview With Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns

Chuck Zimmerman

Cindy was able to spend some time on the phone with Mike Johanns, our newest Secretary of Agriculture. We thought you might want to hear the latest from Washington straight from the main man! In the interview he talks about the budget, beef trade, CAFTA, Cuba and National Agriculture Day (March 20). The interview is about 11 1/2 minutes long in mp3 file format. You can listen to it here: Mike Johanns Interview.

Stories from Cindy’s interview can be heard on Southeast AgNet.

We think Mike will do a good job for agriculture in Washington, DC. He’s very media friendly, meaning that he seems to enjoy speaking to the press and is comfortable doing so.

I remember when he became governor of Nebraska. At the time I was the farm director for the Brownfield Network. I had called his office and left a message that I would like to interview him. A little later I got a call and when I answered it I heard, “Hi Chuck, this is Governor Johanns.” Not many politicians I’ve ever had any experience with would handle that call like that. Usually you get some press aide who calls and then turns the phone over after you’re on the line and been waiting a few minutes.

Hope you enjoy the interview and we look forward to working with Mike in the coming years.