More Good Info On Blogging For Business – Perhaps Agribusiness?

Chuck Zimmerman

I was just forwarded a link to this article on More good information and links to resources. It may seem overwhelming at first glance if you’ve never been involved in blogging but it becomes easier as you realize how the technology allows you to communicate information in a fast, personal way.

I spoke with an overworked agricultural organization communications director this morning. When I asked him about creating a blog and featuring a link to it on their webpage his response was “I’m loathe to create a monster I can’t feed.”

I understand. That’s why you need ZimmComm. I said, “Just email me information you would want to post if you had time. I’ll do it for you.” In fact, everyone on his staff could just send us their ideas and we’ll do the posting for them. With 3 or 4 people sending little notes and ideas I’ve no doubt we could generate frequent content!

Of course, I would want to make sure the blog clearly states that ZimmComm’s providing a “posting” service and the individual posts would be attributed to the person who submitted it. Anything wrong with that?

What do you think?