Why Should You Blog?

Chuck Zimmerman

We’re amazed by the number of PR people who aren’t familiar with blogging, especially when it comes to agribusiness. It’s also amazing that ag-related blogs are kind of hard to find. This will change and now’s the time to get a jump start on using this great form of communication.

Here’s a piece of a series of articles on why you should consider a blog for your business or client that was posted on Bob Cargill’s blog. He works for Yellowfin Direct Marketing. You can find the posts at http://www.afinekettleoffish.blogspot.com/.

Why Advertising, Marketing and PR Pros Should Blog (Part One)

Most advertising, marketing and public relations professionals know a blog when they see one, but when it comes to actually using this relatively new, self-publishing platform, there are still many skeptics and naysayers among us. This time next year, however, those people will likely have come to their senses. In 2005, I dare say you would have to be either misinformed or just plain obstinate to not at least consider adding a blog to your business plan. Here are ten reasons why:

Happy blogging!