Julie DeYoung Moves To Perdue

Chuck Zimmerman

Julie DeYoungI remember watching tv commercials for Perdue chicken during the couple of years I lived outside Baltimore. They featured Frank Perdue, who passed away this year. They were funny and you just believed him so we cooked a lot of it on the grill. You can see a nice tribute to Frank on the Perdue website. Now they’ve got a new spokesperson.

Julie DeYoung is moving to Perdue Farms Inc. as Vice President of Corporate Communications. DeYoung will oversee Perdue’s Communications and Public Affairs Department. She will be responsible for media and community relations, internal and external communications, corporate contributions, and will be the primary spokesperson for the corporation according to Jim Perdue, Chairman.

Julie started her career in 1983 after graduating from Iowa State. Perdue is the No. 1 brand of fresh chicken in the Eastern United States.


BASF Agency of Record Official Announcement

Chuck Zimmerman

BASFAs was previously reported right here on AgWired, BASF has chosen a new agency of record for crop business in the United States. The agency is Quarry Integrated Communications.

Joy Watson and Kaye Iftner, communications managers with BASF Agricultural Products, said they are looking forward to building on Quarry’s relationship with BASF with this new assignment. “In Quarry, we have found a partner to help us further our BASF brand building efforts,” Iftner and Watson said. “Quarry’s strategic capability combined with their agribusiness, business-to-business and business-to-consumer experience, make them a great fit for our organization. As an organization, we have significant opportunities ahead and we look forward to working with Quarry to pursue them,” Iftner and Watson said.

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How We Eat In America From NPD Group

Chuck Zimmerman

Since so many companies (and farmers) depend on consumer food habits and choices the information contained in the latest NPD Group’s, 20th Annual Eating Patterns in America report should be a must read. There’s some very interesting information in it. Some of it what you would expect and some of it surprising.

For example:

The number of meals eaten in a restaurant annually has decreased from 93 meals per person in 1985, to 80 meals per person today. However, the number of meals purchased at a restaurant and eaten in the car has increased from 19 meals per person in 1985, to 32 meals per person today. Ninety-two percent of take-out lunches come from fast food restaurants today, and 92 percent of individuals consume some form of “ready-to-eat” foods in the home on a daily basis. Americans are more likely to take out from a restaurant than to eat there. Whether traffic is the driving force, or simply impatience, we cannot wait to get home to eat our meals.

We use our stovetops less (down 18% from 1985), and our microwave ovens more (doubled from 10% in 1985 to 20% today).

The usage of fresh products in our main meals at home has decreased today, as compared to 1985. Back then, 56 percent of inhome main meals included a fresh product. Today, 46 percent of in-home main meals include a fresh product.

NPD FoodWorld’s Harry Balzer has an interesting viewpoint you might want to read too.


Diamond Pet Foods Buying Identity-preserved Corn

Chuck Zimmerman

CornTalk podcastCornTalk, a weekly program for the Missouri Corn Growers Association, features an interview with Mark Brinkman, Diamond Pet Foods. Diamond Pet Foods has worked with MCGA’s Value Enhancement Program to develop premium price contracts with Missouri corn growers who supply identity-preserved corn for use in the company’s pet food business. Brinkman says this assures Diamond Pet Food will receive a consistent and safe source of corn!

You can listen to this week’s CornTalk here: Download MP3 File

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Study Shows Biotech Crops Beneficial

Chuck Zimmerman

Cordia Biotech ConferenceBiotechnology get a lot of press, both good and bad. That’s why it’s nice to see research that focuses on realities. Thanks to a heads up from Monsanto, I found out about a new report just out today called, “GM crops: the global socio-economic and environmental impact – the first nine years 1996-2004.” Many of you are involved in marketing biotech products so you might want to see the report. There’s a lot of information in it.

This report was presented at the CORDIA Biotech Convention in London by PG Economics. Here’s a couple of highlights:

“Since 1996, adoption of biotech crops has contributed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and decreased pesticide spraying,” said Graham Brookes, director of PG Economics, and one of the authors who conducted the study. “While greatly enhancing the way farmers in 18 countries produce food, feed and fiber, biotech crops have reduced the environmental footprint associated with agricultural practices. This study offers the first quantifiable global look at the impact of biotech crop production.”

Biotech crops have reduced the volume of pesticide spraying globally by 6 percent since 1996, equivalent to a decrease of 380 million pounds according to the study. That’s equivalent to eliminating 1,514 rail cars of pesticide’s active ingredient. The largest environmental gains from changes in pesticide spraying have been from biotech soybeans and cotton, which have reduced the associated environmental footprint by 19 percent and 17 percent, respectively.


He’s The Wisconsin Cow Czar

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast37 - Steve KozarIn this week’s ZimmCast I’ve got something a little different. You’re probably familiar with the Cow Parade, you know that public art exhibition that got started in Chicago some years ago. Maybe you collect the minatures that are now sold as fine collectibles everywhere. If you have wanted to know more about how a public art display that is all about a farm animal works then listen to my interview with cow parade, cow artist, Steve Kozar. Steve was painting his cow in his booth at World Dairy Expo, so we could even see him work! Steve said people were having fun with his last name but he really got a kick out of it when I dubbed him the “Wisconsin Cow Czar.”

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That’s a Spicy Red Fez

Chuck Zimmerman

Beef, It's What's For DinnerI’ve been meaning to let you know about the Build A Better Burger contest winner because just the name of the recipe is unusual. This contest is sponsored by the Beef Checkoff Program and Sutter Home Family Vineyards as part of the checkoff’s annual Summer Grilling Promotion.

Barry Rosenstein of Elmhurst, Ill., used an extremely creative recipe to capture the $50,000 grand prize in the 15th annual Build a Better Burger® contest. Rosenstein’s Sweet and Spicy Red Fez Burger features ground chuck seasoned with Moroccan spices, combined with dried apricots, dates and lamb sausage. The burger also features unusual presentation, as it is served on a bun colored with red food coloring, to simulate a red fez. It topped the list of 4,400 recipes entered in this year’s contest.

You can find the recipe here.

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Boehringer Ingelheim Makes Deal With Novartis

Chuck Zimmerman

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.I can’t remember seeing so many company announcements so fast and furious as the last few weeks. Must be something in the air this fall. This announcement just came out today.

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. has decided to sell its antimicrobial brand Denagard® (tiamulin) to Novartis Animal Health effective on Oct. 7, 2005. Under the terms of the agreement, Boehringer Ingelheim will continue to manufacture Denagard for Novartis.

That sounds like a good deal. Sell the brand and then get paid to produce the product. Sweet!


More Kansas City Happenings

Chuck Zimmerman

A Royal GalaThere is sure a lot going on in Kansas City in coming weeks. For example, besides the Boots, Barbeque & Business luncheon I just posted, there’s also the Livestock Publications Council, “A Royal Gala Awards Banquet.” Make sure your fall plans include the Royal Gala in Kansas City coming up on October 21. This is the continuation of fundraising efforts to create the new Livestock Publications Heritage Center.

Agriculture Future of AmericaThen in November it’s time for the Agriculture Future of America conference which features their annual Leader in Agriculture Award dinner. That’s held on November 4th this year. It’s purpose is to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the food and agriculture industry through their leadership and support of youth and education.

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How About Some Boots, Barbeque & Business

Chuck Zimmerman

Boots, Barbeque & BusinessThe Kansas City Agricultural Business Council won’t be having a meeting in October but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a great place to get together with other people in the business. Instead, October 20 is the 3rd annual Boots, Barbecue & Business luncheon hosted by the American Royal Association, Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and Shook, Hardy & Bacon. The event will be held at the American Royal. Members of the Agricultural Business Council (and the general public too) are encouraged to participate. More information may be found on the American Royal website and tickets may be ordered here.

According to the American Royal:
In the midst of all this fun, we do get down to business. The proceeds of this event help Kansas City’s kids learn about the importance of agriculture and support the Royal’s educational programs, which reach over 55,000 students annually in the metropolitan community and 1,000’s of students around the country who join our events. In addition to education, the American Royal provides jobs for Kansas City and has a multimillion dollar local economic impact. We invite you to help us celebrate 106 Years of Success in youth and education, but more importantly be a part of it once again.

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