New Holland VP Shares Smiles for Pavilion Expansion

nh-pavilions-58-editedDemolition is already underway in Madison, WI at the Alliant Energy Center, home to World Dairy Expo and Midwest Horse Fair. Abe Hughes, Vice President of New Holland North America, was all smiles during the groundbreaking ceremony late last week. New Holland is partnering with Dane County to build the New Holland Pavilions which will include a 290,000 square foot expansion and replace the aging barns.

I spoke with Abe after the groundbreaking and he was more than excited for the opportunities this new facility will bring to Wisconsin and beyond.

“Well, I’ve got this huge smile on my face for a couple of reasons. Not only is it a gorgeous day here in Wisconsin and are farmers need some sunshine. It has been a long winter, but it is also a historical time for New Holland as we do the groundbreaking for the New Holland Pavilions here at the Alliant Energy Center. There was a real need here in this community to have a better facility. Our producers, our customers had to have better facilities in order to keep their animals and families coming to these shows. The decision was very easy for us to come fund this and help make this dream possible.”

Listen to or download the press conference here: Interview with Abe Hughes

Checkout photos from the event here: New Holland Pavilion Groundbreaking Ceremony

Groundbreaking for New Holland Pavilions

nh-pavilions-68-editedGround was broke to mark the start of construction on the New Holland Pavilions at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI. The 290,000 square foot expansion will create a state-of-the-art multi-use space, replacing again barn facilities.

“We are proud to partner with Dane County to build and provide what will be the premium livestock facility in the country, a tremendous upgrade that will benefit world class dairy, livestock, horses and other livestock throughout the year,” says Ade Hughes, Vice President New Holland North America. “This opportunity is a perfect fit for New Holland, considering the smart haymaking technologies we have brought to the marketplace that benefit so many animals across North America.”

The Alliant Energy Center is home to the World Dairy Expo and Midwest Horse Fair, as well as many livestock and equine shows. The new pavilions will have capacity to house more than 2,000 head of cattle and be versatile enough to include show rings for cattle and horse shows. They can be cleared to create open space accommodating for trade shows, a factor that will allow New Holland to conduct training activities. New Holland equipment will also be featured in the front reception area of the building.

Mark Clarke, Alliant Energy Center general manager, said, “The new space will enhance our ability to conduct world class activities here at the Alliant Energy Center. We’re excited to have New Holland Agriculture as a significant partner in our success moving forward.”

Construction on the project begins today and their goal is to have a ribbon cutting in just 30 weeks. Just in time for World Dairy Expo in early October.

Listen to or download the press conference here: New Holland Pavilions Groundbreaking Press Conference

Checkout photos from the event here: New Holland Pavilion Groundbreaking Ceremony

AEM Analysis of Ag Equipment Economic Impact

aem_logo2The Association of Equipment Manufacturers has just released a new in-depth analysis of of the impact of the agricultural equipment industry on the American economy.

The white paper quantifies the many economic impacts of the manufacturing, distribution, and use of agriculture equipment and machinery from 2011 and figured the total economic footprint of the agricultural industry – including upstream and downstream industries – at $51 billion.

“The purpose of this white paper is to provide a better look at the agriculture equipment industry’s effect on U.S. workers and our economy as a whole, with an eye toward better arming our policy makers in Washington with the information they need to make sound policy decisions that impact this critical sector,” said AEM President Dennis Slater. “This kind of information is vital to accurately assessing the potential long-term consequences of decisions being weighed as we are debating issues such as the renewable fuels standard and international trade agreements that directly impact the future of American agriculture.”

Among the Top Ten Takeaways of the paper:

In 2011, 78,200 people were directly employed in U.S. farm equipment manufacturing, while another 52,300 were indirectly employed in other manufacturing activities to support materials and parts used by the industry.

Overall, the agricultural equipment cluster employed almost 377,000 workers in 2011, representing a footprint of more than half of the total population of Washington, D.C.

View the Top Ten Takeaways and the full Report here.

Manage Your Ground Speed with New Holland

Vic ConstableGetting a lesson in Ground Speed Management with New Holland tractors was my second one during Operation Blue Force out on a farm near Bakersfield, CA. Our classroom teacher is Vic Constable. After the lesson I got into a T9 4-wheel drive tractor with track units pulling a massive field “Optimizer” to put that lesson in action. My driver, Ryan, showed how to set up Ground Speed Management as well as Custom Headland Management. After recording his instructions it was my turn to sit in the seat and drive. I did pretty good and learned a few extra lessons that just need to stay in California. :)

The 16-speed full powershift transmission with Ground Speed Management (GSM) features both field and road operation settings. GSM Field™ automatically downshifts the tractor and adjusts engine rpm to maintain the best performance, then upshifts and changes engine rpm as load decreases. GSM Road™ selects the proper gears and engine rpm based on speed lever input and load conditions. Even without GSM, get clutch-free, push-button shifting and fingertip control of direction changes.

You can listen to Vic’s lesson here or watch it below: Vic Constable Lesson

If you’d like to see these features in action check out my ZimmGlass video below:

New Holland Operation Blue Force Photo Album

In Class with New Holland Operation Blue Force

Nick GrahamLast week I shared my experience in the tractor cab learning about New Holland’s Auto Command CVT Transmission. Before we got in the field though we were in class with Nick Graham.

The Auto Command transmission gives the operator precise speed control. You can even set it to .1 MPH! I did that when I was out in the field. Not sure why you’d want to go that slow buy you can. You can preset speeds so that you can go to them at the touch of a button. There’s a lot more to learn about this transmission and controller which you can also learn from Nick.

You can listen to Nick’s lesson here or watch it below: Nick Graham Lesson

New Holland Operation Blue Force Photo Album

New Holland Auto Command Lesson

Luke ZerbyMy first lesson during the New Holland Operation Blue Force field training event was in a T7 210 Auto Command CVT transmission tractor. My teacher was Luke Zerby. He says this tractor is perfect for hay and forage work. Luke talked me through the control stick which is mounted on a Sidewinder II comfy armrest. The controls allow you to preset three different speeds to switch between easily. There is also an Integrated Control Panel which allows for even more pre-set options and finer tuning those settings. This allows you to maximize engine efficiency.

The Auto Command™ Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) makes it easy to find the perfect speed for each job because your choice of speeds is infinite. You accelerate from zero to maximum speed smoothly, without multiple steps. And, with no clutching, the shuttle shifting is the smoothest you’ll find, making the Auto Command transmission ideal for loader work.

Ride along with me via ZimmGlass to learn more about what this feature offers:

I’ve got lots of photos from this week’s event for your viewing/sharing pleasure: New Holland Operation Blue Force Photo Album

New Holland Classic Giveaway

IMG_9833This year at the Commodity Classic, New Holland continued the tradition of giving away a piece of farm equipment. A lucky Classic attendee was able to walk away with a Workmaster 35.

This year, numerous people were around the New Holland booth to listen if they would become the lucky winners, and a couple of names were called before Byron Gearhart of Ohio won, since you had to be present to win. You can see how excited and shocked he was to win his new Workmaster 35 from New Holland equipment in the video below. You can also see adorable little Brody from Kentucky who was this year’s drawing assistant.

Listen to the interview with Byron here and watch it below: Interview with New Holland Workmaster Winner

2014 Commodity Classic Photos

New Holland Smart Tier 4B Tractor

New Holland Genesis T8At the recent Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY Chuck spoke with New Holland’s Gary Wojcik, Segment Marketing Manager for large horsepower tractors. He shared some insights into their Tier 4B Solutions series launch later this year.

“What we are looking at here is the highest horsepower row-crop tractor we offer,” Gary said. “This is our latest Tier 4B Solution. This is the final of the Tier 4 and this product has won an AE50 award for the Tier 4B Solution. In comparison to other company’s we have a distinct advantage in the fact that we stick with the solution we had before, which was an after treatment. We are the only company that can do that.”

Gary goes on to explain how this transition benefits their customers ability to move from tractor to tractor seamlessly. Fluid efficiencies between Tier 4A & B are better then before as well. Both of these are part of the ECOBlue™ Hi-eSCR technology, which maintains efficiency and productivity for products over 120hp.

Gary said that he thinks the education level has hit most of their customers. They understand that Tier 4 is here and what New Holland’s message is. Later this year you will be able to see more about New Holland’s Genesis T8 Series tractors and this summer customers you can look forward to seeing what New Holland has in store for 2015 and future years to come.

You can listen to the interview with Gary here: Interview with Gary Wojcik

National Farm Machinery Show Photo Album

Coverage of the National Farm Machinery Show is sponsored by FMC and New Holland Agriculture

Championship Tractor Pull Brings in Best in Business

nfms-14-mike-wilhiteMike Wilhite was a contestant in the recent Championship Tractor Pull during the 2014 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY. He drives Blue Blazes and visited with Chuck prior to the event.

Mike worked for Ford for 30 years. The the tradition didn’t start with him, his dad also worked for the company along with his two brothers. So, naturally they were drawn to New Holland’s blue. Mike is considered a local, living just 32 miles from Louisville.

“Outdoors we run a 300 foot track. In this indoor track we are confined to 240 feet. It’s an experience. You better have everything right. Your weight and gear selections right. There is a lot to it.”

A blockade of sand sits at the end of the short track incase any tractors have a little too much gas in them. Mike shared that they buried their tractor the first year they competed in the event.

Mike and his pulling team competed in about 18 hooks over the course of the season. They traveled as far as Wisconsin, down into Missouri, Tennessee and Alabama. He also expressed how great the fans were at pulls and how committed they were to the competitions.

“We’ve been messing with tractors all our lives. We always had hot rod cars and stuff like that. When my brother and I first started we bought a tractor out of New York, I guess that would have been about 20 years ago. And it has evolved into this here.”

You could tell that all the pullers were great friends and shared a family type atmosphere. But when they get to the track, it’s all business.

You can listen to the interview with Mike here: Interview with Mike Wilhite

National Farm Machinery Show Photo Album

Coverage of the National Farm Machinery Show is sponsored by FMC and New Holland Agriculture

A Tradition of Healthy Competition at NFMS

nfms-14-butch-kriegerDuring this year’s National Farm Machinery Show crowds gathered from across the country to watch the Championship Tractor Pull. The best tractors from across the United States competed in the coveted 2014 event and Chuck chatted with one of the announcers Butch Krieger.

“This is my 35th year here in Louisville. It just gets better every year. The competition is great and the tractor pull committee does a great job deciding who is going to come here. I don’t think if I had even an opportunity that I could put it together as well as they do.”

Butch is pictured on right with another announcer, Dave Bennett. Butch goes on to explain how this pull is held inside with a huge smoke machine that captures all the exhaust that the tractors produce. Freedom Hall is also equipped with heavy exhaust fans throughout the large arena.

Syngenta has served as a huge sponsor for the event for years and drivers were present during the show to sign autographs at their booth. Butch shared he understands it’s hard to get tickets to the Saturday night pull, but says that throughout the week tickets are available to see some of the best tractors from across the nation compete.

You can listen to the interview with Butch here: Interview with Butch Krieger

National Farm Machinery Show Photo Album

Coverage of the National Farm Machinery Show is sponsored by FMC and New Holland Agriculture

New Holland Compact Tractors

New Holland Boomer 37The New Holland Boomer Tractors may look small next to their big brothers but they are not a toy. These machines can handle a lot of work from hauling dirt and mulch to removing snow. They also have all the implements available you could possibly need.

At the National Farm Machinery Show I walked around with New Holland’s Dan Valen as he describes the machines on display including the new Boomer 37 model. Watch and learn.

National Farm Machinery Show Photo Album

Coverage of the National Farm Machinery Show is sponsored by FMC and New Holland Agriculture

Getting Ready for New John Deere 2014 Tractors

With the new year will come newly redesigned John Deere tractors for 2014 that offer updates that farmers will really appreciate.

_DSC2637Jarrod McGinnis, division manager of the 7 and 8 series tractors with John Deere, was talking about the new tractors during the National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB) meeting in Kansas City. You might recall that Jarrod gave us a preview of the new rides back in August.

McGinnis says the tractors meet the final tier 4 emissions standards, but farmers are likely to most appreciate the creature comforts such as a new command center. To help eliminate fatigue in the cab, refrigerators are available as an option, extra swivel in the seat to take a look behind and see how things are tracking, and the new laminated glass makes for a quieter ride. The new 8R line has much bigger tires, Jarrod tells me that this is so there is more power to the ground.

You can listen to Leah’s interview with Jarrod here Interview with Jarrod McGinnis, John Deere

2013 NAFB Convention Photo Album

Touring New Holland Products at Farm Progress Show

During setup for this year’s Farm Progress Show our Jamie Johansen talked with New Holland’s Mike Cornman about new products that New Holland would be displaying at the show. Then during the show New Holland brought ag media representatives in to their exhibit for a breakfast walk through of the products on display. I’ve got a couple of videos to share from that session starting with this one featuring Mike once again. Mike talks about the Roll-Belt 560 Round Baler, Discbine 313, T6 and T5 Series Tractors.

2013 Farm Progress Show Photo Album

Coverage of the 2013 Farm Progress show is sponsored by Bayer CropScience, Growmark and New Holland

Delo Tractor Restoration Competition Winner

_DSC2177Last week at the 2013 Farm Progress Show I spent some time checking out the Chevron Delo display where a beautifully restored 1970 Case Demonstrator 1070 caught my eye. Ryan Haass was the young man behind the work, which won him the Delo Tractor Restoration Contest last year. Ryan was also the top winner of the contest in 2011, and his brother and sister were runners-up in previous years.

Ryan says he chose the Case 1070 because there were so few produced and he wanted to do something special. Haas is no stranger to restoring tractors, he’s won several different competitions which helped him be able to afford to restore the Demonstrator.

Ryan says he’s helping the younger kids in his home state of Texas interested in learning more about restoring tractors and participating in contests.  He’s happy to share his knowledge, now that he’s in college and already has his own business, because sharing his tips keeps him involved.

Listen to my conversation with Ryan here: Interview with Ryan Haass

2013 Farm Progress Show Photo Album

Teen Restores John Deere Tractor for Charity

Image 3About seven years ago, 16-year-old Austin Rhoda of Chenoa, Illinois was a leukemia patient at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis, TN. After several years of successful treatment, he decided to give back to that organization that helped him and his family so much by doing something he loves – restoring old tractors, selling raffle tickets and donating the proceeds back to St. Jude’s.

Austin had his latest project on display at the Farm Progress Show in the John Deere exhibit – a restored 1951 John Deere A Tractor that is being raffled off this month with all proceeds going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Interview with Austin Rhoda on restoring John Deere for charity

2013 Farm Progress Show Photo Album

Max Armstrong’s Tractor App Now Available

mobileNow vintage tractor enthusiasts and fans of nationally known farm broadcaster Max Armstrong can download a free smartphone and tablet app to listen to his twice-daily news updates, test their tractor trivia skills, enjoy stories of classic machines, and more.

The interactive “Max Armstrong’s Tractor App” is available for iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. Download to hear Armstrong’s distinctive voice inviting you to the app version of his popular TV segment “Max’s Tractor Shed,” to play “Tractor Trivia” and “What Engine is This?” games, and tune in to his daily Midwest Digest reports on Farm Progress America Radio. You can also download ringtones featuring Armstrong’s voice.

How Deere Delivers Distinctive Value

jd-intro-13-1The theme of this year’s
John Deere product introduction is Delivering Distinctive Value and the company’s vice president for sales and marketing told the dealers during the big floor show last night that they are the front lines of accomplishing that goal.

“It starts with the partnership between John Deere and John Deere dealers,” said Luke Gakstatter. “The products, the solutions and the technology that John Deere brings to the equation and the level of service, customer support (from our dealers) packaging that up all together.”
Luke says delivering distinctive value involves three particular value drivers. “It’s all about performance, it’s about uptime, and it’s about cost of operation,” he said.

jd-intro-13-lukeThe new products coming for farmers and ranchers were designed with those three drivers in mind – and they are exciting. New 7R and 8R tractors, redesigned self-propelled sprayers, S-series combine updates and tracks, a brand new windrower, and new technology solutions like wireless data transfer.

It’s an exciting time for John Deere because it’s an exciting time for agriculture!

Listen to my interview with Luke here: Interview with Luke Gakstatter

John Deere Product Intro photo album

John Deere Virtual Tractor Intro

jd-intro-13-virtualThis was SUPER cool!

John Deere did a Virtual Reality introduction of its new 8R tractor for the media here in Columbus, Ohio and it was pretty much the coolest live special effects I’ve ever seen. The screen was a tractor and the video was projected on and around it to give the 3D effect. It was awesome. That is a virtual tractor here in the photo.

Unfortunately, I was so awestruck that I held my iPhone the wrong way to shoot the video but you can definitely get the idea from the clip below. Check out photos from the first day of the intro which included a ride and drive and the big floor show.

John Deere Product Intro photo album

World Ploughing Champ Tire Goes to Mitas

Barbara Klaus tractorBarbara Klaus, an Austrian driving a New Holland tractor mounted with Mitas tires, took first place in the conventional ploughing world championship held in Olds, Alberta (Canada). Her teammate Margareta Heigl won the silver in reversible ploughing driving a Steyr tractor. John Whelan of Ireland won the reversible ploughing category.

Apart from their success in the overall championship’s results, Barbara and Margareta won gold medals in the grassland ploughing category and came in fourth place in the stubble field category.

Barbara Klaus has mounted her New Holland tractor with Mitas 340/85R38 AC85 (rear) and Mitas 280/85R28 RD01 (front) tires. Margareta Heigl used Mitas 340/85R36 RD 01 (rear) and Mitas 320/70R24 RD70 (front) tires.

In ploughing competitions, the competitor is expected to perfectly plough stubble and grassland areas.

Love Old Tractors? New App Celebrates Vintage Iron

mobileNow vintage tractor enthusiasts can test their tractor trivia skills, enjoy stories of classic machines and more, on the go, with a new free smartphone and tablet app from nationally known farm broadcaster Max Armstrong.

The interactive “Max Armstrong’s Tractor App” is available for iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. Users will hear Armstrong’s distinctive voice inviting them to the app version of his popular TV segment “Max’s Tractor Shed,” to play “Tractor Trivia” and “What Engine is This?” games, and tune in to his daily Midwest Digest reports on Farm Progress America Radio. They can also download ringtones featuring Armstrong’s voice.

Armstrong, who owns a pair of restored vintage Farmall tractors, is excited to share his passion for iron old and new through the app. He has reported often on the technology agricultural producers use to help them farm more efficiently, to better market their crops and to care for our environment. Providing the free tractor app to growers adds a little levity to the mix.
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