Qualisoy Touts Incentive to Plant Alternative Oilseeds in Farm Bill

Laura McNamara

Farmers who plant alternative oilseeds are slated to get some support from the government, well, in the Senate version of the 2007 Farm Bill at least. The version of the bill passed by the U.S. Senate yesterday includes the Commodity Quality Incentive Program, or CQIP. CQIP, introduced by Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA), is a provision providing special support to farmers …

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Missouri Stripes Roads with Soy-Based Paint

Laura McNamara

The Missouri Department of Transportation is experimenting with “soy-based” paint for use on the state’s highways. MoDOT says it’s testing four different types of yellow and white paints that contain soybean oil for use in highway striping. The soy-based paint is made by using the same raw materials and processing techniques as traditional, water-based paint except the soybean oil replaces …

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Farmers Appointed to Serve on USSEC

Melissa Sandfort

In an effort to continue to increase U.S. soybean farmer profitability through international exports, the United States Soybean Export Council (USSEC) announced director appointments to its board at a recent meeting. The United Soybean Board (USB) appointed seven soybean checkoff farmer-leaders to the 19-member board, which was created in 2005 to strengthen relationships with foreign buyers and increase exports of …

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Last BASF Execs Interview

Cindy Zimmerman

Finally we have “escaped” from our non-stop tour activities here in Japan so maybe I can clear out all my interviews from Germany and Brussels, which seems like it was a month ago. The last of our interviews with BASF executives was Markus Heldt, who is group vice president for BASF North American Ag Chem. In this photo, he is …

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Cindy Zimmerman

I am in Japan now with Chuck and will be spending much of this week posting interviews and pictures from last week’s BASF trip while Chuck is covering the IFAJ events. So, I am starting at the beginning of the trip and posting the interviews with BASF executives done after the global press conference September 12. Research and development of …

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Monsanto’s Road Map to Success

Laura McNamara

“See the next decade of biotechnology products.” That’s what Monsanto says its Technology Showcase Tour: The Road Map to Success will demonstrate to farmers in Progress City, IL. The gene optimization, desired trait characteristics and advanced product development that Monsanto promotes with its products is all on display in a live side-by-side comparison of crops with Monsanto products and crops …

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Tour de Dow

Laura McNamara

Dow AgroSciences says it’s planning for the future of biotechnology. But, the company is quick to point out a host of innovative technologies available now for improving crop yields. Dow AgroSciences says its Herculex family of traits offers the broadest protection when comes to safeguarding crops against most insects, both above ground and below ground, in corn. Representatives add that …

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Dow Agrosciences Says No More Limitations for 2,4-D

Laura McNamara

Dow AgroSciences hasn’t set up camp at the Farm Progress Show in ten years. But, this year, the company says it has some exciting new technology to present and couldn’t skip out on offering farmers in Progress City a first-hand look. Dow AgroSciences Global Corn Business Leader Tom Wiltrout kicked off a press conference introducing the company’s Herbicide Tolerant Traits …

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Yield Barrier Breaker

Chuck Zimmerman

When it comes to breaking the yield barrier Virgil Sparks, Soybean Product Development, Syngenta Seeds is the man. His talk at the Syngenta Learning Centers event in Iowa this week was titled, “Breaking the Yield Barrier With Genetics and Technology.” He says that one of the main things he wants people to know is that Syngenta is very serious about …

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New Soybean Varieties

Chuck Zimmerman

We talked a lot about corn at the Syngenta Learning Center program in Iowa but soybeans were also a major topic of discussion. One of the presenters was Gene Kassmeyer, Head of Soybeans, Syngenta Seeds. Gene says that soybeans are a crop that’s changing rapidly. For one thing he says there are a number of new pest problems to deal …

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