Get Your #PotatoExpo Social Media On

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In just a couple hours Potato Expo 2016 will open the trade show doors which marks the official start of this year’s conference. We’ll have some food truck recipe competition and a beginning seminar on the topic of soil health management. I want to thank Nufarm for sponsoring my coverage of this show and will find out what’s new with …

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Nufarm Cotton Plant Regulators

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With a little help from Tony St. James, All Ag All Day, we get to learn more about some of the products that Nufarm is bringing to the cotton market. Tony sat down with Dr. Bob Bruss during the 2015 Beltwide Cotton Conferences. Since they were talking cotton the subject of plant growth regulators was of primary importance. Bruss says …

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Nufarm Growing in Cotton Market

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In 2015 cotton growers have some new tools courtesy of Nufarm. These include Cheetah and Cheetah Max. Presenting at the Cotton Crop Consultants Conference for NuFarm was Jerome Kovar. Jerome is a marketing manager for the company and we sat down to discuss what Nufarm is doing in cotton with these new herbicide options. Here’s a quick description: Cheetah™ utilizes …

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Nufarm Introduces Nuseed

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During Nufarm’s recent farm media tour, the company highlighted Nuseed, a branch off the parent company. Chuck and Jody Heemstra, Red River Farm Network, met up with Tom Kroll, Product Manager in Seed Treatment for Nufarm. Tom works with products from the earliest idea of them all the way to market and helps with the technical aspects too. “Nuseed is …

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Nufarm Tackles Weeds

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Nufarm’s recent event allowed farm media to see first hand their facilities, ask the questions growers from across the land are asking and learn a little bit more about the ever-changing industry. Meghan Grebner with Brownfield caught up with Bob Bruss, Technical Services Manager for Nufarm during the event and talked with him about the company and where they are …

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Nufarm Takes on Trees, Nuts, Vines and Veggies

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During Nufarm’s recent farm media tour, Rob Schwehr, took time to highlight one of the newest expansion areas the company has taken on. Rob is the Marketing Manager for the tree, nut, vine and vegetable (TNVV) segment of Nufarm. He shares in an interview why the company pursued this new endeavor and what we can see coming down the pipeline. …

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The Nufarm NAFTA Headquarters

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Farm media getting to tour the Nufarm and Nuseed headquarters in Alsip, IL got a nice break in the winter weather yesterday. It was a little windy but then what do you expect from Chicago? We were given an office area tour from Brian Rund, Director of Branding & Marketing Services. The facility Nufarm took over previously housed a glass/window …

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