A Friendly Reminder

Chuck Zimmerman

It’s not too late to register for the NAFB convention today or the NAMA Agribusiness Forum to take advantage of their early registration discounts. Use these links to register:


Another NAFB Audio Invite

Chuck Zimmerman

Michelle RookI certainly think the NAFB emailed audio invites are a great idea and one of the most creative things the organization has done recently. So . . . here’s the latest one. I wonder if there’s any more planned? One from Sec. Johanns? Michelle Rook (WNAX) is currently the NAFB president-elect and she says he’s confirmed to be the keynote speaker.

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Audio Invites From NAFB

Chuck Zimmerman

NAFB 2005 Annual MeetingThe National Association of Farm Broadcasters is gettin’ jiggy with their 2005 Annual Meeting invites! I just got my second one via email and like the other one, it contains audio. Imagine a mostly radio group using audio. Maybe that new E-D has got some new ideas?

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New Research Data From NAFB

Chuck Zimmerman

NAFBThere’s some new qualitative research available on the National Association of Farm Broadcasters website. A lot of research is being done these days by various media entities as groups try to figure out what’s really going on and how it’s going to affect their future. You can look at some slides from the research here. The survey was on Class 1+ farmers only and only in 12 midwest states. I wish it could have covered the whole country and included regional breakouts. But if wishes were . . . The research was conducted by Ag Media Research.

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