Biodiesel Reigns in Food Prices, Boosts Livestock

Laura McNamara

Diesel consumers wanting to alleviate soaring fuel prices and high grocery bills should consider using biodiesel. The Missouri Soybean Association says biodiesel helps extend the nation’s limited fuel supply. Plus, it creates an abundance of livestock feed. The state’s House Transportation Committee recently held a hearing on legislation that would require all diesel fuel sold in Missouri to be blended …

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Mysterious, New Beef Could Vanish

Laura McNamara

An agricultural research facility in Florida fears the 10 percent reduction in ag research funding will close its doors… and abruptly abort research on a nameless, mixed breed of cattle. The St. Petersburg Times reports: Indeed, few people have ever seen cattle like these. Unless you’re knowledgeable in bovine research, the cross-bred calves huddled in tall grass of the pastures …

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Kansas Promotes Healthy Cattle

Laura McNamara

Kansas State University wants ranchers and livestock owners to keep the cattle clean and healthy. The university is hosting the Beef Cattle Welfare at its Beef Cattle Institute May 28-30. Animal welfare is one of the fastest growing concerns among consumers throughout the country, according to Dr. Dan Thomson, a Kansas State University veterinarian and expert on the impact of …

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I Don’t Want To Be Green

Chuck Zimmerman

I really hate to bring up the color green here even though it used to be my favorite color. But after reading on about a Greenpeace study that says that people should all become vegetarians in order to reduce global warming I can’t keep quiet. C’mon. They supposedly say according to the article (I don’t even want to waste …

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Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Laura McNamara

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo boasts 21 star entertainers for this year’s event. Tickets go on sale starting tomorrow (Saturday, January 12). The 21 different star entertainers scheduled to perform at the 2008 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo represent a wide variety of musical genres. Together, these superstars have garnered numerous music industry honors, including 18 GRAMMY(R) awards, 73 …

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ViaGen Offers Easier Tracking of Cloned Livestock

Laura McNamara

To be honest, I haven’t really given much thought whether my milk or meat comes from a farm animal that’s unique in every way… or whether it has come from a cloned specimen. That’s probably because there isn’t a significant amount of cloned livestock out there… yet. Now that ViaGen is offering a program that tracks cloned animals with ease, …

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Feeding Cull Cows

Laura McNamara

Cull cows and their feeding habits are at the center of research underway at North Dakota State University’s Hettinger Research Extension Center. The study is being done in cooperation with South Dakota State University. The Center’s Michelle Stamm says the multi-state southwest feeders project is monitoring the feeding of a group of cull cows for 100 days and then will …

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BoVir Named Top Drug in Animal Disease Management

Laura McNamara

BoVir(R) receives high praise at the International Animal Pharm Awards. The drug earned the award for the ‘Best New Veterinary Diagnostics Product.’ A highly sensitive, easy-to-use test that accurately detects bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) was selected as the Best New Veterinary Product for Diagnostics in the annual Animal Pharm Awards. BoVir(R) BVDV real time PCR test was selected for …

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K-State Research Developing Biosecurity Tracking Software for Cattle Producers

Laura McNamara

Software enabling cattle producers to safeguard the health of their herds will soon be online. Researchers at Kansas State University are developing software that will help producers maintain secure feedlots and give them an informational database for understanding the impact of specific diseases. The feed yard security project is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture and the Kansas …

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ID/INFO Expo ’07

Cindy Zimmerman

Traceability is the main theme at the National Institute for Animal Agriculture ID/INFO EXPO in Kansas City this year and the recent outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in the UK has made it very timely. One of the most interesting presentations was by Ray Brown, a dairy producer from Cheshire, England. Ray spoke on the impact of FMD …

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