Concluding Corn Mission Thoughts

Chuck Zimmerman

The U.S. Grains Council Corn Mission team is home safe and sound. It was a very interesting 2 weeks of visits with American grain customers and others in Morocco, Egypt and Jordan. You might expect these countries to be “all the same.” However, each country has a very distinct culture and that includes everything from food to how they drive. …

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Infrared Grain Testing

Chuck Zimmerman

When the U.S. Grains Council Corn Mission team visited a feed mill this morning owned by the Hamoudeh Group they saw some state of the art grain testing. The company has infrared grain testing equipment which quickly analyzes a sample and provides a printout of a number of the qualities most important to them. You can see a sample being …

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Corn Grower Says “Show Me” The Market

Chuck Zimmerman

Fellow Show Me State resident and corn grower from the southeast part of Missouri, Jim Stuever, took a few moments to provide his thoughts on how the U.S. Grains Council Corn Mission team is doing after arriving in Amman, Jordan. In the photo, Jim (pictured left), is listening to a presentation we’re having from Mohamed Kraishy, USDA Ag Specialist in …

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Producer Thoughts On Egypt

Chuck Zimmerman

The U.S. Grains Council Corn Mission Team has concluded visiting Egypt. Tomorrow it’s on to Jordan. Before finishing today we sat down for our debrief which includes documenting our observations and making recommendations based on what we saw. Those will be provided to USGC in the form of a final report. I have updated the Eqypt photo album from our …

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Survey Finds Support For Corn Ethanol

Amanda Nolz

Despite the movies such as Food, Inc. and King Corn that discredit the corn industry and blame the obesity epidemic on corn-based products, a recent study shows that the general public supports corn for food and fuel. Check out the details below… A nationwide survey conducted for the National Corn Growers Association found broad public support for corn as a …

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World Food Prize Winner

Melissa Sandfort

Gebisa Ejeta, Purdue University Distinguished Professor of Agronomy plant breeder and geneticist, will receive the World Food Prize for his work in developing sorghum varieties resistant to drought and Striga, a parasitic weed common on the African continent. Because of Ejeta’s efforts, sorghum yields are significantly higher in many African nations. The World Food Prize, considered the Nobel Prize of …

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