FS Sales Lens Offers New Views

Cindy Zimmerman

A great benefit of new communications technology is how it provides farmers the opportunity to access information nearly anyplace or time right in the palm of their hand. GROWMARK is utilizing the immediacy of tablets and smartphones for crop specialists to provide farmers with visual information on the spot with FS Sales Lens. “It’s really designed for them to understand …

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Grow it, Kill it, Melt it with Conserv FS

Cindy Zimmerman

The GROWMARK FS System is well known in the Midwest agricultural world for grain, energy and agronomy services, but maybe not so well known is its turf products and services. “If you want to grow it, kill it, or melt it, the turf division would be who you would talk to,” says Jim Coens, Turf Department Manager for Conserv FS …

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Fueling the Farm Progress Show

Jamie Johansen

You can only imagine the fuel consumption during the Farm Progress Show. GROWMARK and FS have sponsored the fuel for the largest outdoor farm show for the last 30 years and expect to go through about 2,500 gallons this year. That amount is down from previous years because the field demonstrations had to be cancelled. Gerald Doty retired from the …

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Social Connections to GROWMARK

Cindy Zimmerman

GROWMARK and FS are excited to make it easier than ever to make connections on social media. “We are excited to add social features to our website,” says GROWMARK Corporate Digital Strategic Development Manager Heather Thompson. “Users will now see the ability to like and follow GROWMARK and FS right on our homepage.” That includes links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, …

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Meet the AgFanatics

Cindy Zimmerman

We’ve been promoting the AgriVisor AgFanatics podcast for a couple of months now here on AgWired and I finally got a chance to get the two hosts of the show on the phone to find out more about them. The AgFanatics are AgriVisor Account Manager Cory Winstead and AgriVisor Risk Management Specialist Nick Klump and they started the podcast back …

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GROWMARK Excited About N-Watch

Cindy Zimmerman

Ag journalists on the GROWMARK media tour in Iowa last month had the chance to learn about N-Watch, which started this year as a small scale, pilot program by GROWMARK in partnership with FS Member Cooperatives. The objectives of the program are to quantify the form of available, soil-applied nitrogen (N), where it is located, and what happens to the …

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New GROWMARK Dry Terminal in Iowa

Cindy Zimmerman

The first loads of fertilizer came in this week to test the new GROWMARK dry terminal in Stuart, Iowa but earlier this month I joined some of my fellow ag reporters in climbing to the top of the 15,500 ton facility. Notice it was all females – left to right, Rita Maloney of Illinois RFD Radio; Deanna Thomas of WMBD …

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FS InVISION Sightings at FPS

Cindy Zimmerman

A photo contest has been running to get the word out about new FS InVISION™ seed corn and today is the last day to vote for your favorite. “This year, we’ve re-branded our FS seed corn and it’s now FS InVISION seed corn,” said Justin White with FS who explains that the FS InVISION Sightings Contest was designed to let …

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Fast Stop General Store More than Convenience

Cindy Zimmerman

If you want to fill up with E85, get your propane tank refilled, grab some food for your llama and new Muck boots for spring field work, satisfy your sweet tooth with bulk candy, pick up some locally produced noodles and Fluffy Burgers for dinner, enjoy some Champ’s chicken for lunch, order a new garage door, and maybe bring your …

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GROWMARK CEO Pleased with Pursuit of Maximum Yields

Cindy Zimmerman

GROWMARK CEO Jeff Solberg is very pleased with response to the FS Green Plan Solutions program to help growers discover new methods that will help them attain maximum yields. I had a chance to chat with Jeff as he attended the Pursuit of Maximum Yields (POMY) grower event last week in Collinsville, Illinois. He told me that the program is …

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